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The Overrated Pole Vault Technique

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The Overrated Pole Vault Technique

I see these guys out there every day. You know, the ones who are pretty much only running and throwing. those women that look like they could break a sweat if they had to. They spend hours upon hours working out. Then they are upset if they aren’t the platform favorite. They can’t believe that people will actually pass them when several people pass them. They can’t believe that people actually pass within five seconds of each other. They hate being announcers because they are always getting pushed off and are the only one in the gym.

Stop right there. Don’t judge a Pole vaulter by his looks or his body type. judge by what he is capable of doing. Is he able to pass the bar? If no, then he is not a capable vaulter. Look at Aaron Martens. He’s a solid 6’1 by 250. Is he able to perform double axels or single axels? If no, then he isn’t a capable pole vaulter.

Speed and strength are also important in spear fishing. but as a vaulter you need to work on your power to get ahead of the competition. Not how pretty you are. If you have the strength and speed, you will be up there. If you are out of shape and heavy, you will be a threat to your competitors. Power is a combination of strength and speed. If you can combine both, you will have no problem getting up there and passing the competition.
Speed and power are not the same thing. The speed of an axel is the same as the speed of a vaulter’s pole vaulter. The power is what makes the difference between justvaulting and being one of the best. Though both are speed and strength. The difference is your approach to the sport. With the big wheels, the fact that most axels last 7 seconds and pole vaulters last but a couple of seconds, and that the axel is usually 100% done when thrown, vaulters need to maintain speed and power throughout the repetition to be successful.

The vaulter should use every precaution he can to keep speed and power maintained. He should be constantly accelerating and slowing down to maintain the proper rhythm and pace. Speed and power in the spear fishers sports of spear and fishing is a very important thing. It’s a lot different than in other sports. Everything represented in those sports is represented by the movement of the arms. You have to maintain the rhythm and dance like you would in Greek folktales.


         Everything represented in those sports is represented by the movement of the arms. You have to maintain the rhythm and dance like you would in Greek folktales.

Spearfishing is a style of fishing that requires the vaulter to use every ability in the body large and small during the same game. The spear must be kept at the ready to catch the attention of the prey. The price for having to do that well, is that you must pay a heavy price for it. That price is the sacrifice to keep the spear stationary and the threat to run out of oxygen with a quick recovery. Spearfishing is an art form in those terms.

Spearfishing is much more than just seining for fish. When the spearman is finally successful, it is because he took the time and put the effort in to make the event happen. The top vaulters and spear fishers pay a lot more attention to their effort than to their looks.สล็อตเว็บตรงไม่ผ่านเอเย่นต์

I know I act like one of these guys these days. I show up with a fresh helmet, but fish on my mind. I go to the gym or dive the pool and I don’t really care if I see anyone or what they say they will catch. It doesn’t matter if I am surrounded by a bunch of topnotch lunkers. If I don’t catch them, they still think I am a wimp. That is seriously their attitude. I’m just another visiting fisherman that comes to check them off on the list.

Just a few more words I think. Spearfishing is meant to be enjoyable for everyone. I would like to think that I have been able to represent that image in the past years. I have maybe overused my power a bit. But I still think it is valuable to have fun. I hope that this article was able to serve as a documentation that spearfishing can be both fun and helpful. Some of the greatest physical activities can be found at the spearfishing spots. From whale watching to cat tail diving, everyone should visit to see what spearfishing is all about.